Te Mata Raraunga is the shared platform for consistent and accurate vocational education and workforce data at an iwi, regional and national level.

Ohu Ahumahi is the collective of the six Workforce Development Councils (WDC). Each WDC works with industry and employers, to ensure the vocational education system meets industry needs and gives a stronger voice to Māori business and iwi development. WDCs then advise government on what programmes and qualifications they should support and fund.

Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs) are independent advisory groups that are regionally led – they identify better ways to meet future skills and workforce needs in their regions and advise on actions to address these.

Te Mata Raraunga is te reo Māori name for the platform our shared data platform. Te Mata meaning ‘the face’ and Raraunga ‘database’. This shared database will be used by the WDCs and Regional Skills Leadership Groups for consistent data on the ākonga (learners) and workforce of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We invite you to utilise our interactive Te Mata Raraunga platform to discover data and insights into the industry, workforce and ākonga environments. This will inform sustainable workforce analysis and planning for generations to come.

The unveiling of Te Mata Raraunga has meant we can continue to grow this platform of resources and knowledge. Each sector is represented by their relevant WDC under the Sector Insights section.