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Introducing the regional data dashboards — a set of tools designed to provide analysis and visualisation for various sectors. At the bottom of each dashboard, you'll find arrow buttons for easy navigation between different dashboards. To access all the industry dashboards, click on the navigation pane icon represented by three horizontal lines. This feature offers a comprehensive overview and quick access to industry-specific data insights. Furthermore, a dedicated page at the end of each dashboard provides detailed information about the underlying data.

This section provides information about Vocational Education and Training (VET) provision. It shows data about the number of learners by region and industry.

Data dictionary and caveats to information


The New Zealand Standard Classification of Education (NZSCED) is a subject-based classification system for courses and qualifications at universities, polytechnics, wananga and private training establishments in receipt of Government funding. NZSCED was designed to improve the quality and consistency of statistics collected by the government agencies in relation to tertiary study, and to improve New Zealand's international statistical reporting compliance. NZSCED codes exist on a broad, narrow, and detailed level. These codes are useful for providing a standardised way of presenting education data relating to provision and performance over time. To find out more about the NZSCED classification click here.

As a starting point, we have primarily reported information using the narrow and detailed NZSCED classification. The narrow and detailed NZSCED groupings can cover a wider topic area than a single industry group. The NZSCED codes are not designed to be industry specific, they are designed to group up similar subject areas. For some of the education counts data, specifically learners by provider type, age and gender breakdown of the learners, information is only available at the narrow NZSCED level.